Why am I here?

Hi, I appreciate your visit! Let’s get straight to the point…

What do I do?

I am an engineer – it is that simple. I love what I do and I find myself doing what I love most of the time 🙂

From work perspective – these are three areas I focus on right now:

  • I design, build, scale and optimize Enterprise Monitoring solutions using SolarWinds products (that’s my passion and what I am really good at)
  • I am growing my consultancy business to be able to provide such monitoring solutions and consultancy on a global scale (that’s a platform for my passion to grow and expand)
  • I design, build and automate business systems and processes using latest advancements in technology, with the main focus to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate human error and simplify operations workflow (I do it for my own consultancy, for my monitoring clients as well as for my wife with her HMO Property Management business in London). I mainly use SaaS products and API integrations to create a mesh of interconnected apps and services that drive business processes such as sales, marketing, production, service delivery and admin work.

Aside from these top three above, I am also the happiest if I engage myself in one of the following activities:

  • Strategizing, thinking and clarifying my goals and priorities.
  • Coding
    • I love building queries with SQL by analyzing big data, making sense out of it and producing meaningful reports and KPIs
    • I love coding business apps with Zoho Creator Deluge. Zoho Creator is a holy grail for any small/medium business. To put it in perspective – it is pretty much the analogue of SalesForce that is being used by Enterprises
  • Practicing guitar and singing
  • Hiking with friends and climbing mountains.
  • Reading and listening books (Audible Rocks!)
  • Learning from others who kick the butt and make things happen.
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Traveling and exploring new places with my wife and kids

What problem do I solve?

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

– Albert Einstein

Let’s jump straight into monitoring…

If you have been sold on the idea that your next new and shiny monitoring product will do wonders for your business just out of the box and all you have to do is to click next, next, next, done… you are not alone.

I have seen it happened again and again and the most frustrating thing about it, to me personally, is not that you lose your money or time, but that you lose your trust in the product and shift your focus to try something else, falling into a rabbit hole.

Well, let’s be honest, you probably had a feeling this is not going to work as advertised out of the box, but you have been lead to believe that maybe, just maybe, it is still a possibility and somehow it will all work out, as if by a magic.

I personally believe ANY product can do wonders, any, without exceptions. It is only a question about how much effort and time you are prepared to invest into developing it into something that will work the way you envision. And this is how the Magic really happens.

So, my mission here it to be that catalyst for companies to drive transformational change into their monitoring framework and workflow – fast, efficient and at a fraction of a cost. I help to design, build and enhance corporate monitoring solutions and fully train engineering team to use and grow it using SolarWinds products.

Why with SolarWinds?

It so happened that I have started my monitoring journey with this tool and I stack to it. I love many aspects of it (this is a topic for another blog post), but really … I am who I am not because I was born this way, but because environment made me so. Mowgly was brought by monkeys, so, he stack with them.

I often think that if I would start with any other tool, such as PRTG, SCOM, WhatsUp Gold, Nagios, ManageEngine to name a few, the title of this paragraph would now read otherwise. All of them work, all of them evolve, mature and adopt to a change. No need to compare. Just pick any and get on with it.

And, by the way, I am not trying to compare, up-sell or diminish any of them, neither I am here to promote SolarWinds. I highly respect and admire all vendors in this industry and I would recommend each and every one of them. Just don’t expect the Magic on day #1

Why do I blog?

Over the years working with multiple clients on many national and global transformation projects for Enterprise Monitoring I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in setting all up, tuning, establishing workflow, foundation, standards, processes… basically turning the whole monitoring “thing” up-side-down, giving it a good shake and then placing it right back to where it really belongs, making it a leading technology within the company, that is also often being regarded as a role model for how things should really be done.

So, having all that experience and knowledge I feel highly compelled to share it all with others. Life is too short not to do so. If I seize to exist tomorrow – what’s the use of all that value in my head anyway.

With this blog my intention is to share with you best nuggets, recommendations and things that did really work well for me and for my clients in real life. It is free and I will make sure each blog post is simple, interesting and actionable, so that you can take immediate actions to transform and improve your environment too.

Why not on Thwack?

I highly respect this community. In fact – it was my number one, and probably the only one, source for knowledge and inspiration and it still is. Honestly, I didn’t read any admin manuals (well, I probably did, to some extend, but only when I was looking for a very specific information). Thwack has made me who I am – that’s for sure. If you are not on Thwack or if you do not know what it is – oh boy, you are missing out. Click on the link now, go and register yourself. It is absolutely smashing community of SolarWinds techies and I am proud to be part of it.

However, I have chosen to blog on this subject privately simply because I want to be 100% opened, honest and totally transparent with my reader, without worrying for being banned, censored or needing to seek excuses for my French.

So, Fuck It! I release myself from any fear of judgment and I let my mind to focus, write and express my opinion freely.

What’s next?

I am here to share my passion for technology, for monitoring, automation and anything IT systems related. Therefore, I commit to write at least one good quality and high value blog post every week. My goal is to spark inspiration and give actionable tips and resources to get on, do the work and make things better.

I don’t expect you to take my word for it… Today is February 2020, this is my first post… just for the record 🙂

If you would like to sign up for an updates – the best way is to connect with me on LinkedIn. I will be publishing all my posts there.

Thank You and see you soon

With Gratitude,
Alex Soul

By Alex Soul

CEO & Founder at AceWinds